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Karma the Game of Destiny - Mobile App

Announcing Karma the Game of Destiny (KGD), a novel new social dating game. Karma aims to break away from the superficiality of online dating interactions. Instead, users are encouraged to forge meaningful connections on the path to their soulmates while engaged in a game for adults.  The game itself plays out In Real Life (IRL). Unlike popular dating apps like Tinder and Grindr, Karma is all about building genuine relationships while being entertained and moved along the continuum of on-going new relationships for personal and commercial reasons. Not unlike a classified newspaper.  Users who are inclined to engage in naughty behavior run the risk of being ZAPPED! out of the game by fellow players or they can instead find players who are also naughty.

KGD is part of the Karma the Game Platform for Mobile 3D/AR, Ambassador Revenue App and  VR and Console Metaverse. 


Karma the Game (KtG)- Casino, KtG - Stadium, KtG - 4Play, KtG - Space Run, KtG - Gallery, KtG - Music, KtG - Animation, KtG - Merchandise, KtG - Monaverse, KtG - OnCyber, KtG - Metatrekkers, KtG - KGZ, KtG - KGZP, KtG - Parcels and KtG - NFTs are extensions from that point to create and connect to an infinite digital and relational link with experiences and worlds akin to the production of circus bizarre with games, escapes, and engaging entertainment.   The platform aims to be interwoven throughout humanity for consumption of a multitude of inter-relational and trade concerns in the new cross-section of the ever-changing Human/Computer/Cloud Interface.

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